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About us

LedaDesign kft is specializing -in one hand- in interior design consulting, planning and overall customized implementation. Additional activities/services are hand crafted beaded jewelry, and furniture re-touching and painting. The other branch of the company is specializing in business and IT/Telecom consultancy.

As Co-founder of LedaDesign kft I have been actively involved with all aspects of interior design for more than 10 years since graduating the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Faculty of Architecture). I have as well taken the initiative to secure from the Veresegyhazi Art Studio a home design diploma to complement my other areas of expertise.

I am enamored with architecture because in this creative domain we use various elements interactively to create the overall  feel and ambience. These elements work in unison and are delicately balanced creating the total image rather than just using a set of ideas. The purity of the idea is the foundation to properly select which elements and in what proportion to best achieve the “feel of the residence.”

In the design process all factors are intertwined: functions, shapes, materials, proportions, colors, lights, as none of these can be treated independent of one another and must be looked at as a whole.  For this reason I consider it very important to involve the interior designer from the architectural design phase of a newly built house or re-modeled house as this is when it is most needed to prevent additional expenditures and elapsed time. It is  certainly easier and more cost effective  to make necessary changes on paper with a detailed architectural plan taking into account all the important factors rather than making changes as they come along.  Involvement of the interior designer should be done before starting any new construction and/or modifications with all significant factors well analyzed and understood. In recent years there has been more and more discussion and awareness about the environment, eco-buildings and environmentally responsible behavior. In this context my attention has turned more and more towards using natural materials and finding environmentally friendly solutions. This can be achieved in several ways: the material used, engineering solutions, design principles, and last but not least, if required: using radiasthesie. This is where we can map out the geopathological properties of the residence and from these findings offer aesthetic, modern and “future-proof” solutions. Not only is the form/ function and balanced use of materials important but the fact that we have to be surrounded by a physical and spiritual space for real harmony to thrive.

I offer a complete range of interior design services from consultancy till the implementations services.

Kiss Adél építész, lakberendező

Company: LedaDesign kft.
Reg. nr.: 01-09-978515
Tax code: 23802298-2-43
Contact: Kiss Adél Eszter interior designer, architect
Mobile: +36-30-343-2276
Address: 1118 Budapest, Gombocz Z. 18.
Service area: Budapest and surroundings

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