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About my blog

First I’ve graduated at the Faculty of Architecture as an architect, and later on I became a graduated interior designer. From all this, I think, my clients can benefit the most, because with my engineering insticts I can decide even at the first sight of the interiors, what are the given possibilities of the buildings .

Just like people, every building has its own character… from the outside … As buildings are ready, exterior shaping can not be easily implemented. Probably that’s why I’ve rather chosen to deal with the interiors. Interiors give virtually inexhaustible opportunities to me, and this represents to me the fulfilment of my creativity. My family used to occasionally note: “We only have one thing that is constant: CHANGE” ! Tuning to ourselves the insides of buildings  is not an easy task and this is the professional challenge for me: the alignment of interiors to its people’s needs, way of life and character . I imagine somehow this as when the psychologist reveals the hidden emotions of a person, and after then the “patient” feels better, as” the psychologist of interiors” I attempt to uncover the potential of the spaces and adjust them to  people needs, in order that they feel better.

After the launch of my website, I launched my facebook page, and I felt that it was time to publish next to the pictures my professional advices, home tips and suggestions, so we launched my blog.

Enjoy it!

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